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What an adventure (SE Asia)


1 idea, 1 baby, 1 husband and wife, 2 backpacks, 2 daypacks, 1 buggy, 6 months, 25 weeks, 176 days, 175 nights, 6 countries, 55 destinations, 70 temporary homes, 67 guest houses, 2 friends houses, 1 tree house, 525 meals, 12 planes, 66 taxis, 11 cars, 22 buses, 17 coaches, 14 ferries, 7 MRT journeys, 6 4x4s, 23 local minibuses, 6 speedboats, 8 tourist buses, 2 rib boats, 3 x cycle rickshaws, 1 tourist boat, 4 trains, 1 horse and cart, 3 motor rickshaws, 14 sky trains, 5 underground trains, 1 canoe, 1 small wooden boat, 1 jeep, 2 tug boats, 6 long-tail boats, 38 tuk tuks, 10 saangthaew , 1 elephant, first 2 baby steps, 9 new teeth, 2 baby haircuts, 19 new words, 1 happy toddler, 1 new job, 1 new life…

…a backpack, a buggy, a baby 

1 BIG adventure.

backpacking with a baby SE Asia

Heathrow Airport aged 11 months, day 4 of our trip in Tioman, a toddling chap on China beach and 18 months old at the end of our journey.

Rewind a few days… (UK)


In previous years my biggest decision of what to pack in my rucksack would have been how many bikinis or pairs of shoes I should pack.  Should I take the sparkly sandals, just in case and the bikini for when I lose a few pounds?

Now of course packing becomes a real headache. My wants are no longer important. What is important is what we pack for the boy. We recently spent a week travelling around the UK visiting my parents and sisters and managed to fill the car boot with portable high chairs, travel cot, nappies, food and clothes. Now we have to pack enough baby ‘stuff’ to last 7 months. After much deliberation, this is what we have packed for ‘the boy’:

Maclaren Quest buggy

Phil and Ted’s wriggle Wrapper – portable highchair and lap band

1 x ring sling

1 x ergobaby front and back sling

1 x buggy/cot mosquito net

1 x buggy blackout sun-shade (93% protection)

1 x buggy rain cover (folds up under the buggy at all times)

1 x travel changing mat with space for wipes, nappies x 35 and nappy bags

Walking harness / straps

1 x tin milk formula

1 x small cool bag

2 x re-useable drying nappies

Stacking blocks, Sophie (teething giraffe), beanie monkey, sleeping rag, small rattle, book, ball.

1 x small quick dry travel towel

1 x compression bag for his clothes

1 x ½ tog sleeping sack (with 5 point harness holes)

7 x pairs of cotton/linen shorts

7 x cotton short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts

3 x long-sleeved shirts

1 x pair long-sleeved cotton trousers

1 x short-sleeved vest to sleep in

1 x zip up thin jumper for cooler climates

1 x full babygro with closed toes

1 x long-sleeved vest

2 x UV swim all in ones

1 x pair swim trunks

1 x swimming cap with neck flap

1 x wide-brimmed sun hat

1 x cap with neck flaps

1 x pair Clarks first shoes

1 x pair croc style shoes

Calpol sachets, neurofen sachets, bonjela, teething granules, thermometer, 5 x sachets of baby food as back up, milton sterilising tablets, milton wipes, baby wipes, nappies, nappy bags, toothbrush, baby toothpaste, shampoo, nail clippers, small bottle cleaning brush, 8 x dummies and dummy clip, 1 x food bowl, baby cutlery set, 1 x non spill water cup, 1 x tipping cup, 3 x milk bottles, 1 x container to carry dried milk in day pack, 1 x small clip top container to transport food.

So there you have it. After splitting ‘the boys’ belongings between mine and my other half’s rucksack that leaves me with, well not much room!

I have a capsule wardrobe that Gok Wan would be proud of, 2 x pairs of shoes (walking sandals and flip-flops), a few essential toiletries, a tiny video camera, laptop, iPod and SLR camera. Even the camera bag has had to be replaced by an old sock to save much-needed space.

Top tip of the day:
Try and buy the majority of baby things on Ebay or at second-hand shops. We paid £30 for our Maclaren buggy and paid no more than 99p on Ebay for each item of his clothing.  When you’re travelling you can’t be precious about items. If they’re not useful, or take up too much room, you need to be able to get rid of them along the way without worrying about how much money you’ve spent on them.

A backpack, a buggy, a baby! (UK)


The day has finally arrived.

Today we leave the grey skies of Swansea, Wales for warmer climates in SE Asia.  But this isn’t a typical relocation or annual vacation. We’re heading off with our backpacks, an open ticket, a sense of adventure and the uncertainty of what lies ahead. The excitement of travelling around new countries and meeting interesting people and potentially finding fulfilling jobs is on the horizon.

There’s just one small differentiator between what we’re doing and many others – we are backpacking with our baby. If I had a pound for every time someone said ‘wow you’re brave’ then we could fund at least a few weeks of our trip, possibly more and at this precise moment, for the first time, I have to agree with them.

Saying goodbye to Wales

He (‘the boy’) has no idea of course. We’re sitting on the train with rain drizzling down the windows’ leaving Wales behind and the nerves are kicking in.

Suddenly the dream of going away and being fancy free is becoming a reality. Are we selfish to take him away from his grandparents, friends and a stable base or are we teaching him some important life lessons that anything is possible and if something isn’t working out quite right and you’re in a position to do so then you can try to change it?

Hopefully the latter but we’ll have to see….

Top tip of the day:
Making a big life changing decision? List out the pros and cons and then follow your gut instinct and go for it. It’s rarely wrong.