***I have since reviewed the baby products that we originally packed to identify the key items that are useful to take. Click here to read my recommendations on what to pack for your trip***

We’ve managed to keep our 2 x rucksacks down to circa 16kg each due to the majority of the internal flights having a baggage allowance of 15kg. So far we’ve not been charged any additional fees.

After much consideration, these are the baby items that have made it into the backpack.

Maclaren Quest pushchair

Phil and Ted’s wriggle band – portable highchair and lap band

1 x ergobaby front and back sling

1 x ring sling

1 x pushchair/cot mosquito net

1 x pushchair blackout sun-shade (93% protection)

1 x travel changing mat with space for wipes, nappies x 35 and nappy bags

Walking harness / straps

1 x tin milk formula

1 x small cool bag

2 x re-usable quick drying nappies

Stacking blocks, Sophie (teething giraffe), beanie monkey, sleeping rag, small rattle, book, ball.

1 x small quick dry travel towel

1 x compression bag for his clothes

1 x ½ tog sleeping sack (with 5 point harness holes)

7 x pairs of cotton/linen shorts

7 x cotton short-sleeved shirts and t-shirts

3 x long sleeved shirts

1 x pair long sleeved cotton trousers

1 x short-sleeved vest to sleep in

1 x zip up thin jumper for cooler climates

1 x full babygro with closed toes

1 x long sleeved vest

2 x UV swim all in ones

1 x pair swim trunks

1 x swimming cap with neck flap

1 x wide brimmed sun hat

1 x cap with neck flaps

1 x pair Clarks first shoes

1 x pair croc style shoes

Calpol sachets, neurofen sachets, bonjela, teething granules, thermometer, 5 x sachets of baby food as back up, milton sterilising tablets, milton wipes, baby wipes, nappies, nappy bags, toothbrush, baby toothpaste, shampoo, nail clippers, small bottle cleaning brush, 8 x dummies and dummy clip, 1 x food bowl, baby cutlery set, 1 x non spill water cup, 1 x tipping cup, 3 x milk bottles, 1 x container to carry dried milk in day pack, 1 x small clip top container to transport food.

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  1. Wow – that’s an awful lot of stuff! I’m hoping to get by on about half that, but our trip will only be 15 weeks. This is a great blog – I was hoping you could answer a few, (ok, a lot of) questions for me. – 1) Nappies. How easy is it to get hold of nappies outside major cities – would you recommend usuing disposables on the road ( I usually use cloth at home and will probably take a couple for emergencies, but would I just be better taking another half dozen rather than a bag of disposables which take up more room and cost moremoney. Am I likely to have problems washing and drying nappies?
    2) Was it worth taking both a buggy and a carrier? I have a toddler mai tei carrier which can be used front or back and weighs virtually nothing – but doesn’t it get really hot and sticky for both baby and parent? How useful is a buggy outside cities? My son will be 3 when we leave, so very heavy to carry all day and although he will walk, I’m not sure he could manage very far. And I like the idea of having a sunshade on the buggy for him
    3) Where id you buy your black out sunshade? How did your baby cope with the heat and humidity? We’ll be in Asia during the Summer, so not only 32-36 Centigrade temperatures, but also high humidity and lots of rain! I have to say, this is my main concern – how to keep him from becoming overheated. What time of day does it start to get really hot? If I keep the siteseeing to the mornings and kept him inside during the middle part of the day – say 11.30 – 4pm, would the heat be easier to manage?
    4) How easy is it to find travel cots in guesthouses? Or at least an extra mattress?
    5)I saw one of your blog entries mentioned childcare – how easy is that to find in places like Thailand and Vietnam? I like the idea of a few hours on the beach without constantly having to make sure the kid isn’t wandering off, eating sand or drowning himself in the sea!
    6) Vietnam – I take it you’re not a fan? Vietnam was the place I was looking forward to the most, but I have read more than one person’s opinion that says they were disappointed. If you were to go back in time to Vietnam, which places would you go to again and which would you skip?
    7) Village homestays – how easy were these to arrange? Were there any issues that would only apply to travel with kids
    8) I have read a lot of the blog but not all and have missed the part where living in Malaysia came in! How did that come about?

    • Hi Siobhan, Thanks for your comments. I hope the below helps you:

      1) Disposable nappies are easy to find, but if we new we were heading somewhere off the beaten track we would buy a new pack in advance. They don’t weigh much, just take up space. I would take 2 x re-usable nappies for emergencies, but if you’re travelling from place to place it may become a nuisance to have to carry dirty nappies and wash them on the move.

      2) I would recommend both the carrier and the buggy, particularly if your toddler is 3. You’ll need a break too, and it does get very hot having a child on your back in the heat. We also used the buggy a lot in the evenings. We would give him dinner and then he would often fall asleep in the buggy so we would eat later with him asleep by our side.

      3) We bought our black out buggy sunshade on Amazon. I’m sure they still sell them. Yes, between 11.30 and 4 it is very hot, so it’s best to avoid being out in the blazing sun. Sometimes it’s unavoidable though so just make sure you always have a hat for your child and plenty of sun block.

      4) Travel cots and extra mattresses are a bit ad-hoc. We didn’t book many rooms in advance, so would always look at the amenities on arrival. Our son was a lot younger so we would sometimes make him a bed out of seat cushions… If you’re child is 3, then you can always book a triple room with a spare single bed.

      5) We only used childcare in Bali – no where else. I’m sure there are options, but the nursery in Bali was a recommendation from our guest house, so we felt comfortable with it. I’m not sure I would feel entirely comfortable leaving my child in childcare unless it had been endorsed by someone. I have to say though that in Bali it was lovely to have a break 🙂

      6) Vietnam was 5/6 months into our trip, so I think our patience was running a bit thin. I actually went back to Vietnam last year and really enjoyed it. With regards to where to go a lot is dependant on the time of year that you’re going. Don’t forget that the Northern parts get VERY cold during the European winter months. I loved Hoi An and would certainly go back to Ho Chi Min. I recently visited Hanoi and really enjoyed it. If you are heading North then this is a ‘must’.

      7) Village homestays are easy to organise, but just be aware that they can be basic. In some cases we had rooms with 2 single beds, so we would take turns in sharing a bed with our son. Not ideal, but bearable for a few nights.

      8) We left the UK to look for work in SE Asia. My husband was applying for jobs whilst we travelled. He had an interview in KL and was offered the job. We’ve been living in KL for almost 2 years now and absolutely love it.

      Anyway, good luck with your trip and hope you have a fantastic time.


      3) I bought

  2. hi Sue – thanks a lot for all the info – its very helpful!
    can I awsk how much of a problem mosquitoes are? and did you or your child take anti malarial drugs? I’m not at all keen on them, but as we’ll be travelling during the monsoon I’m worried the hot, damp conditions will mean lots more mosquitoes. Did you have a mosquito net for the buggy?
    Where/how would I organise the homestays – is it better to do once there, or should they be booked in advance?
    Do you have any experienceof travel during the monsoon? How likely is it that trave lplans will be disrupted? Would you be happy travelling in rural/mountainous regions during the rains (I’m thinking about traffic accidents/landslides etc)
    Regarding the heat – is it easy enough to get out of the heat – are museums etc air-conditioned?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Siobhan, Yes we gave our baby malaria tablets, but only on certain parts of the trip.
      I can’t comment on whether you should travel during monsoon as every country has different weather patterns and risks associated with the rain. You will need to research every location you are planning to visit and make your own judgement. We planned the basic route avoiding all monsoons.

      Yes, most museums etc are air conditioned. This is not an issue.

      Homestays – I can’t comment on this as I don’t know exactly where you are going. If you really see something you like, contact them in advance and try and establish how popular it is.

      Have a fun trip.

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